Our mushroom powder is a 50/50 blend of mycelium and fruiting bodies. Over 200 tests for radiation and other contaimination are performed before the product is delivered to you.
Pure Chaga Mushroom PowderIn the Ukraine chaga is made into a slowly brewed tea that may steep for 8-12 hours in water below boiling (180 - 190 F) and used as a potent medicine.Our chaga powder should also be heated and steeped for 3-5 minutes in a few ounces of water for good measure. However our product is so potent it needn't steep for 12 hours to gain the benefit of the mushrooms healing power.

Medicinal Mushroom Powder Chaga (Loose Powder)

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Chaga mushrooms are referred to as “the mushrooms of immortality.” They are revered all over the world as one of the most potent and desired antioxidants available. Chaga has been used for thousands of years in Eastern Europe to treat a number of ailments including, ulcerative colitis*, cancer*, and coronary disease*. It supports eyesight*, improves and supports digestive system* and improves digestion* and speeds metabolism*. Chaga prevents and treats viruses like the cold and flu,* and is prescribed by medical doctors in the Ukraine to strengthen the immune system* in HIV patients. One single gram of Chaga provides 6,000 IU’s of antioxidant power!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Product Description

Our mushroom powders can be added to any smoothie, drink or food in their powdered form.

However, one of the biological characteristics of all fungi is that their cell walls contain chitin which cannot be broken down in the human digestive system.  Therefore, we recommend cooking all mushrooms in low temperatures before consuming them to ensure that their nutrition is biologically available for use by your body.

Simply take 1 – 2 teaspoons of any of our mushroom powders and dissolve or steep for 3 minutes in 1 – 2 ounces of very warm (not boiling) water, then add to any drink, smoothie, or other food item.

1 -2 teaspoons per day is more than enough for preventative use of most mushroom supplements. **

We offer our mushroom powders in 1/2 pint and 1 quart jars. We offer jars for several reasons;

1) They are eco friendly.

2)  Jars keep your mushroom powders safe from chemicals that can leech into your food from plastics.  Yuck.

3)  A tight fitting lid keeps your mushroom powders fresh.   Exposure to oxygen and humidity can cause your mushrooms to degrade. Keeping them in a jar with an air tight lid protects your investment.

4)  They are so pretty.  Who doesn’t love having their food stored in glass?  

5)  Studies show that we eat the foods we keep handy.  No one wants to keep a plastic container out on their countertop.  But a nice glass jar…sleek, clean, stylish.   We want you to be as healthy as you can be, and that means eating more mushrooms.  We feel keeping our package attractive so you keep them handy, helps.

6) We can special blend different powders together into the same jar.  Sure it costs us a little more to use glass, but it gives us the ability to offer you the blend you need for the conditions you may be presented with.  To keep costs low and offer the best product we can, we package everything ourselves.  

Our mushroom powders are 100% organically grown and processed in a pharmaceutical grade laboratory environment to ensure purity and the highest quality and potency.


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