Education Exchange

Are you seeking a place to settle in for a day or two while you learn at a relaxed pace and lend a hand in helping us build, create, organize and grow?

We offer education exchange on our farm.  Just for helping with a task or two we will offer you a day of guidance in any area of mushroom cultivation, ranging from indoor lab to outdoor techniques.

If you plan to stay the night, or a few nights, keep in mind it is rustic and you would need to be comfy in a tent.  We have the tent, but you’d need a sleeping bag and other gear.

Ray with clay cropped



Right now Ray is all about the clay…

well our whole family is,

but Ray and clay rhyme and you can’t beat that.






Meals and other accommodations should be discussed and negotiated prior to your arrival.

Please email us @ for a questionnaire, so we can learn more about how we can best help each other.