The Mushroom Maestros Family

We’re the Lanier’s. And we are the Mushroom Maestros.

We love Mushrooms!
We love Mushrooms!
We really, really love mushrooms...
We really, really love mushrooms…

We totally LOVE mushrooms!

Growing them is seriously fun, nothing is more rewarding, or

exciting than growing mushrooms.  We can show you how.

We love to teach people how to grow them...

Blooming kit
We can send you a cool kit to get you started

We have to warn you, once you start, you won’t ever want to

stop.  Growing mushrooms is so awesome!


We try to be well-rounded. So,

Sometimes on our farm, we like to study art and history.

Sometimes on our farm we like to study art and history.

 Some people might say that is just way too serious.

So to compensate,

And we like to play in the clay...

we like to play in the clay…

We play in the hay (or wheat straw...but hay rhymes)

 We play in the hay

(or wheat straw, actually…but hay rhymes, we like rhymes)

 Some people might say that’s way too silly and messy.

But when you mix straw and clay, you get a special material…you might even be able to build stuff with it.

But usually before we do, we like to eat something…

But really we mostly love mushrooms...and we would love to tell you why.
and it’s usually mushrooms!

 Even when we eat chocolate, it’s got mushrooms in it….

Ingredients: All 100% fair trade and certified organic Organic Confectionary Sugar, Organic CACAO, Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Organic Hericium (Lions Mane) Mushrooms, Organic Raw Cacao Butter, Organic Vanilla Extract.

We can’t help it!  We love them so much we put them in our chocolate…

 I know, mushrooms in chocolate is not something you ever thought you’d see, but yep, we did it!   And the results are divine.  Little bites of mushroomy, vegan heaven…so good for you, you’ll feel it right away!